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Stage 1

Traineeship (3 months)

During the first three months into the AU program Alluvium shall provide all the necessary resources, to prepare you for the next stage of your journey.

Stage 2

Apprenticeship (9 months)

As an Alluvium Apprentice, you have gained technical skills needed and some business/management/consultancy skills required to solve real-life customer problems.

Stage 3

Internship (2 years)

After a 12 months full of adventures and real-time success, you are to graduate into an Alluvium Intern who is capable of handling customer accounts with oversight and support.

Stage 4

Consultancy (Permanent)

At the end of your internship, you are to graduate as a fully confident Alluvium Consultant, able to handle customer accounts independently and supporting your fellow teammates.

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You could be working for one of our clients from these countries:



  • England England
  • Scotland Scotland
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Belgium Belgium
  • France France

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  • Ghana Ghana
  • Nigeria Nigeria

I joined Alluvium before graduating from university. In the beginning, I struggled to complete the tasks that were assigned to me. I even thought I was going to leave because I was failing to deliver. On the contrary, actually, I was given the opportunity to grow and be better. Taiwo and Wale, the founders, were confident that I will rise up to the challenge. Fortunately, I did so and now I work as a Migration Assistant and a Jira Administrator. Working at Alluvium can be challenging sometimes but totally worth it if you seek personal and professional growth.

- Adeola Lawal